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Bring your teams together with a fun way to publicly recognize and praise each other on Slack  Slack!

Platform for sharing wins company-wide

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Setup is easy peasy

Add Praisely to your existing Slack workspace just by using your Slack log-in.

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Anyone can do it

With a simple command and a few kind words, any employee can highlight a coworker’s achievements.

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Happiness on the house

No subscription, no fees, no advertisements, just love.

Great teams celebrate each other

Get Praising

Your people do great things every day. Give them a platform to share those wins.

Teams use /praise to recognize someone for a job well done. Praisely announces the praise and encourages others to “+1” for additional merit.

Check for Stats

Each team member has a personal Panda Board with highlights including how many praises they have sent, their most recent praise, and their most popular praise. Full stats and praises from across your team can also be exported.

Draw for Prizes

Take the love one step further with a random praise drawing! Select the timeframe and eligible users. Praisely creates a custom, interactive experience to select the winners.


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